ESIA Ltd     Company was established in April 1990 with 100% private.

      Owners of the com The company specializes in manufacturing dental, dental and laboratory equipment and medical equipment.

      In a production program and metal furniture for domestic and industrial premises.

      Perform design and manufacture of an electronic automation systems, appliances and industrial machinery, dryers herbs, fruits, mushrooms and more. The company sells its products in the country, in Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia , Serbia, Spain, Turkey and Israel. Participate in specialized exhibitions at home and abroad.

      We have own database with 500m² production area, office, training room and presentations, an exhibition hall.

      Engine room with Lathe, watchmaker's lathe, milling machines, metal cutting and drilling column.

      Welding wire apparatus with iron, aluminum and stainless steel, electric welding, spot welding, riveting of Tinsmith digital folding compartment, guillotine, round, press corner cut, press opening, hard-to cut big circles from sheet

      Boring Bars for hard-to large round holes and threading. Electronic laboratory with a wide range of instrumentation, computers and programmers.

      Assembly areas for mechanical and electrical installation.

      At the base are made and services.

      Great design and manufacturing experience enables the experts to design and produce and other goods by the customer.


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