Dental Surgery

Autoclave, sterilizer, ultrasonic pan, apparatues for diagnostics and treatment, furniture and equipment.

Dental Laboratory

HF-melting centrifugal casting, vibrators, processing machines, sandblasting units, press, polymerizer, electrolitic polisher units, wax melting tube, dental technician working place, aspiration.


Medical rooms and hospital equipment, negativscopy - screen, bacteroid lamp, screen, examination and treatment chair for gunaecology, haemodialysis chair.


Equipment, furnaces, thermostates, fireplace, vans, aspirations.


Thermoregulatories, programmatories, controlers, designe.

Metal Furniture

Wardrobes, cupboards, places, beds, stools, shelves. Individual projects (design).

Industrial articles

Furnace for drying of electrodes, system for annealing of welds, dryers for herbs, fruits etc.


Repair and recycling of autoclaves and dental technic laboratory machines. Spare parts for the these ones.

and Used technic

Second hand mashines and aparatues, fair exhibits, recycling. Promotional offers.